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Known for her innovative approach to beauty, makeup artist Sophia Gunev is recognised for the diversity of her beauty looks. Her unique approach balances strong makeup and subtle references with method and technique. A mix of classic beauty meets youth subculture.

Born and raised in Austria, Sophia moved to London right after nishing her apprenticeship as a hairdresser while simultaneously working in theater. With her fascination for beauty and the fashion industry, it was her dream to turn her interest in makeup into a career. There she studied makeup at London College of Fashion and afterwards went on to being an assistant to a top tier makeup artist for a while to gain experience in the industry‘s highest level.

Since moving to London, she has gone on to create editorial work for Italian and Arabic Vogue, Dazed, Common and Sense Japan, Glamour, Wienerin and HungerTV. She has also contributed to fashion shoots for Spark Le Monde, Daily Paper x Alpha Industries, ASOS and many more. Throughout her career, Sophia has collaborated with photographers such as Domen & Vandevelde, David Ajkaj, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Verena Mandragora, Irina Gavrich, Linda Leitner, Wanda Martin.

Not only is Sophia working on the most well-known shows in Paris, Milan and London, but she was also entrusted to work with supermodels and celebrities such as Winnie Harlow, Bella Hadid, Noemie Lenoir, David Beckham and Dita von Teese. Runway shows include; Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Celine, Fendi, to name just a few.

Becoming a core member of Aaron de Meys team, Sophia is currently working closely with him on every Celine Mens- & Womenswear show, tting and campaign while simultaneously working on her own projects. Sophia is currently based between Austria and Paris, available worldwide.

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