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Femgaze is a full-service creative production company specializing in the fashion, lifestyle, beauty and luxury industries. Based in Germany, our dedicated team is equiped to provide seamless production support worldwide. Our mission is to support high-quality brands in authenticating their aesthetic style in the worlds of advertising, beauty, fashion and luxury. As a full service production company, we have the capacity to handle every aspect of your project, including delivering bespoke production services focused on supporting and creating relevant compelling content that connects with today’s changing society.


Innovative image-making starts here.  Femgaze is your source for creative talent across all platforms. Representing both established artists as well of emerging artists, who all understand their profession and provide inspiring, thoughtful and forward works of creativity. From a single talent to an entire team of experienced professionals, working with you from brainstorming to execution, Femgaze works closely to offer an incredible range of services from exceptional talent.


Partnering with some of the most prestigious global fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle brands.

Ace&Tate, AMA Gütesiegel, APRICOT Beauty, ARTMUC, ATV, C&A, Best Secret, Diez Office, Deichmann, ERUi Cosmetisc, Filmpool, kika, Kia Charlotta, L´Oreal Paris, MytheresaOui, Henkel, RENÉSIM,

Suisuee Jewelry, Viking Cruises, ZDF


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